Our clinics offer COVID testing and COVID care for new and established patients with coronavirus symptoms. 

  • Coronavirus testing is available at multiple locations.

  • At our Industrial Health Works and Ashley Pediatrics clinics, COVID testing is free for insured and uninsured patients. Immigration status is not required for application to the uninsured program. 

  • Call and make an appointment with us!

Clinic Protocols (Revised 10/13/20)

  • Once you park, call the clinic to let staff know you have arrived so they can give you further instructions.

  • You may be asked to come to the front door where you will be greeted by a staff member who will get you signed in and take your temperature and the temperature of anyone accompanying you. Your insurance information and ID may be collected at this time. 

  • When you come to our clinics, we require all patients and family members (age 3 and older) to wear a face-covering.

  • All patients will be asked to wait in their cars until called by a staff member who will screen you with a coronavirus questionnaire. 

  • From that point, you will either be called directly into a roomasked to wait inside the lobby, where you will be seated socially distanced from other patients; or the provider may call you and have further tests done outside in the parking lot while you wait in your car.

  • These changes have been implemented to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.